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All in the Family

My cousin won John Mayer's Esquire Orphaned lyrics contest. If you read his interview, its not exactly hard to see the connection. I adore that guy and he deserves everything and more (give the guy a sandwhich).

The T-Man

Also check out

But hey, I have no problem continually reminding people that we are related. This tends to happen when I am (occasionally) questioned in Ann Arbor after presenting my debit card; I have suspicions it might have gotten me a few discounts....but probably not.

Support the good guys. Add him on Myspace (if you're reading this, the probability that you dont spent 3 hours a day on my space is as unlikely as my native american heritage), if you're in L.A (which you might be), attend a show. Either way, my pride is unwaivering.

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