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Right of Passage

The wisdom teeth were extracted this afternoon.

The experience was marked by the following significant events:

-Recieving a phone call from Amalie Brettschneider on the hour, every hour for pretty much the entire day.
-Wanting to die.
-My flat out refusal to remove my contacts.
-Having no memory of waking up past insisting that I be allowed to wear a face mask for as long as I please before leaving the office.
-Insisting that I get to keep the wisdom teeth in an Orange container.
-Waking up several hours later on my couch, face mask still perfectly intact.
-Driving to Ross' at 1 in the morning to retrieve Burn-out.
-Again hoping for a swift death.

I took way too much Vicoden and have since concluded that my nose will probably never stop itching.

I also sent out a slew of text messages that may or may not have people convinced that Crack was actually the pain reliever of choice.

ah, oral Juvenile.

I just hope it doesnt get in the way of delivering anymore petty cheap shots from over-sea's.
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