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The End of Medicine

Well shit.

Time for a rundown in T.F.S format (thirst for speed, word)

This weekend consisted of…

Party at Alex’s (refer to previous post which I now realize can only be viewed by some people). There was a melon that was injected with booze without the aid of a syringe, which I can’t say that I fully supported given my fondness for needles. I consumed roughly 7 hot dogs within the course of 4 hours, owing largely to the fact that we decided early on to dispense with the etiquette of “taking it easy” and consuming “one substance at a time.”

Elliot came. The human-waste incarnate defied all expectations and made an appearance. Frickin sweet. Seriously.

Inappropriately timed rant about the ways that I hate Okemos:

I hate Okemos. I hate the fact that every person who I used to hang out with is now incapable of hanging out with one another. I have no group of friends any longer, just a lot of friends who hate each other and would rather shit a cocktail blend of broken glass and sandpaper than sit in the same room.

It’s refreshing to hang out with Alex and Marshall in moderation. I don’t think that I have very much respect for either of them but still appreciate the fact that they possess shamefully similar (to me) levels of insanity. Alex and Jessie broke up…so I can’t hang out with both of them at the same time. She and I drove around and smoked until coming upon an array of lawn ornamentations that were begging to be abducted.

Ross and Amalie are still my favorite people, despite their aloofness. I’m just tired of coming home to a painfully predictable environment.

I drove up north to spend time with the family. Within 10 minutes J.J had chipped the bottom half of his front tooth off with the aid of a Jet-ski gunning at 60 mph. Keep in mind this is the same kid who failed out of school, broke into our house and nearly gave my dad a heart attack, was forced to choose a boarding school and is widely speculated to be out of the drug trade. Talk about not catching a break.

My parents had the slight tendency of being over-served and under-fed, which was often hilarious and often completely insane. There was fountains of booze, fountains of extreme water sports and some of those explosive things that fly into the air and make all sorts of colors. You know the shit. It was a pretty damn good time though part of me wondered if I should have gone to the Bonfire. Ryan drunk dialed me approximately 4 times to reveal the full effects of absinthe and to detail the ingredients on the Hpnotic bottle. Some were funny, some he sounded downright upset.

Got a speeding ticket on the drive home, which blows heavy amounts of fried ass beef in every direction.

Alright I’m bored now.
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