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Mass Romantic

Last night I found myself somewhat dissappointed with the lack of activity and "happenins" around town.

Then Mike called and announced (in an epiphanous tone) that they were planning on getting wasted beyond comprehension.

I miss proclamations like that. Now that class has ended, there is far less drinking, mostly because no one feels as though they have reached an occasion to reward themselves. Im convinced thats why 80% of recreational binge drinking takes place anyway.

I got completely obliterated. If I'm being honest, I am still currently obliterated. I awoke this morning with no socks on, a really sore set of knuckles, and a phone with keys that inexplicably refused to work. I marched down to the sprint store prepared to do battle, as I have on numerous occasions, but was instead met with a guy who was actually interested in fixing my phone. In the down time I bought The old New Pornographers CD and have since decided that they are my new favorite band. There was an unnecessary abundance of "new" and "old" in that last sentence.

Last night, instead of scoping my pocket for my keys, which are tradtionally used for the purpose of opening and closing locked doors, I decided to force entry into MY OWN HOUSE. For whatever reason I decided to punch through the glass window above my door at 3 in the morning, rendering my knuckles bruised and my housemates very confused. Luckily I didnt arouse any suspicions and Im fairly confident that their view of me doesnt have me in the running as a prime suspect.

Midway through the night I went over to Kelsey's quasi-abandoned apartment and smoked with her before bringing her back to Mike's room. I think its pretty damn hilarious that she and I have formed a relationship from one photography class and a whole lot of illicit substances. I also realized that I don't know a damn thing about her.

Oh and I also saw Roxy in the parking lot of 12 oaks, apparently moments before entering Hollister and confirming her fate for the evening. She even passed me her hot pink bottle for a sniff test, to which I replied with a thumbs up and words of encouragement. It can get you fired evidently, but I still support alcoholism in the workplace 100%.

BBQ at Mr. Gentile's tomorrow and assorted parties throughout the week. Im all pins and needles.
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