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Selling Lemonade to the Overpaid

My living situation remains ambiguous. If I could afford the gas and the headache of US-23, I would commute back and forth much more frequently between A2 and O-town. The work situation complicates things...and people thought mulching was simple.

Talked to Liz for the first time in almost a year, learned that the Natalee girl who went missing in Aruba is her best friend. I can't imagine what that must feel like, to have your best friend plastered all over 24 hour news channels and still have no sense of resolution.

It's somewhat frightening being personally connected to such a publicized tragedy. Suze and I are figuring out something to send Liz, though we have narrowed our list to exclude any overt references to her Alabama heritage. That means (officially) no wagons, lasso's, waffle house coupons, etc.

I drove to Charlevoix on sunday afternoon to retrieve J.J from the depths of the Stover household. The fam was less than excited to see me, given the unfortunate day of golf, which apparently holds more weight on the emotional-breakdown berometer than was once suspected. I somehow managed to turn a 4 hour trip into a much more managable 2 hours and 15 minutes, thanks in part to a little thing I like to call "Thirst for speed 2005".

On a lighter note, I finally obtained Ellen's pants, that have supposedly been sitting unattended in Bo's company for entirely too long. Ah, the memories.

Finished "Kite Runner" after Carrie assured me it was worth it. Furthered my worldly dissolusionment.

More gravity bonging with Ross last night. Watched "Pauly Shore is Dead" and pretended to laugh numerous times. Nearly shit myself at the sight of THREE snakes stalking the perameter of Ross' building. Steve Lowe is one of my new favorite people, magenta pants aside.

Oh and my wisdom teeth are becoming an issue. Thats all.
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