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An interesting twist....

My parents are currently shopping around for boarding schools for J.J.

He essentially failed out of Okemos. He will more than likely have to move to west virginia, as family ties tend to make the majority of my families decisions. Yes, I too look forward to my brother driving home from boarding school in a pick up truck, dragging a black man behind him and sporting a young republicans t-shirt (popped collar, obviously).

I'm especially excited for him to start employing the liberal use of "ya'll". Seriously.

Even more fun is the fact that said boarding school is actually more expensive than U of M, which means that Pratt is no longer in the cards.

Hoo ha. Only marginally devistated.

When I was in danger of failing, Suze and Jim threatened to send me to the alternative high school where they send all the pregnant girls. That, or military school. Ritzy prep schools weren't even an option, whereas now they are apparently mandatory.

Since I don't presently know which angle I would like to dissect this issue from first...I'm just going to say my peace, count to ten, and breathe.
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